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“Um, for me, a lot of the time people ask me if there is a time and a place where I write songs the most. And um, there’s really not really a place where I write songs the most, but I guess if I write a song in the middle of the night, say from the hours of 1am to 4 or 5 in the morning, then chances are the reason I’m writing a song is I’m trying to forget. Um, whether it’s trying to forget something bad that happened or the worst kind, the worst kind of trying to forget is when you had to say goodbye to someone so you’re trying to forget all the good things about them, that’s the worst kind. But I guess, in some cases, if you can’t forget something, maybe you’re not supposed to. Maybe, healing from it is going to take not trying so hard to forget it but to just, I guess, remember it all.”


Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (1995)


But the fact that Lily Evans’ best quality was her capacity to love, the same love that led to her being murdered, because her love for Harry drove her to sacrifice herself in the hopes of saving him

And the fact that James Potter’s best quality was his fierce loyalty, the same loyalty that led to him being murdered because he put his trust in the wrong person


My dear Mr. Bennet, have you heard that Netherfield Park is let at last?

*something falls behind my bed*


"well it was really nice having that thing. Goodbye”

Fangirl Challenge: [16/40] Female Characters » Rebekah Mikaelson
“You’re right. I do care. I want stupid koala corsages and a prom. I want to have kids with someone who loves me enough to stand outside my window with a stupid boombox. I want to be human.”

I’ve been through all these looks and hairstyles and I feel like now I know myself. My boobs are small, my legs are long, I’m skinny, I’ve got man hands… and I say, ‘Fix up. No one gives a shit!”